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Area Demographics
Green Lake Township, which was organized in 1883, is located in one of the most beautiful regions of Michigan. The commercial and population center of Green Lake Township is the Village of Interlochen, located along M-137 just south of U.S. 31. Green Lake Township is located in the western part of Grand Traverse County and is bounded by Long Lake Township to the north, Blair Township to the east, Grant Township to the south, and Inland Township (in Benzie County) to the west. 

The township is home to portions of the Platte River and Betsie River watersheds, and features over 38 lineal miles of lake frontage. Several lakes are located in the township, including Duck Lake, Green Lake, Cedar Hedge, Lake Dubonnet, Ellis Lake, Tonawanda Lake, and two Bass Lakes. Green Lake Township is also home to the world-renowned Interlochen Center for the Arts and Interlochen Arts Academy. Interlochen State Park, located on the shores of Duck Lake and Green Lake, was the first state park formed in Michigan.

   Aerial Views of lakes 

Green Lake Township is primarily made up of year-round residents and summer residents, and has a total population of 5,009 (2000 Census).

Press Release for November 7 EMS-FIRE Millage Proposal

November 7 EMS-Fire Millage Proposal Facts

Ballot Language for both Precinct 1 and 2

Meeting Dates Discussing GLTES  ALS, Building Needs

Cost Proposal/Estimate for Fire Station 

Concept Drawing for New Fire Station-NOT FINAL, only conceptual

Additional Information


What is Advanced Life Support (ALS)?

Advanced Life Support/Basic Life Support
Green Lake Township Emergency Services Department has been providing Basic Life Support (BLS) Treatment and Transport for decades. If we were to upgrade to the Advanced Life Support (ALS) program, your Firefighter/Medics will be able to swiftly provide intervention procedures that can lead to a higher probability of survival for our residents. 

Examples of these treatments include: IV therapy for fluids and medications. Assessing and treating cardiac events including having the ability to perform an ECG in the field and transmitting it to the hospital prior to our arrival with the patient which provides the awaiting physician with real time data. Our training will include placing an advanced airway for trauma victims or unresponsive patients. We would begin to utilize Intra-osseous Drills (I/O D) which allow your Firefighter/Medics to quickly administer medications and fluids to patients when conventional Intravenous (I/V) sites are impractical. Some common emergency medical calls we receive are heart attacks, difficulty breathing, unresponsive patients, diabetic emergencies, overdoses, victims of a motor vehicle crash, smoke inhalation, fractured bones, drownings and seizures to name a few.

The Benefits to the Citizens
Roughly 85% of the US population is protected by a Fire based EMS system including yours. Our department has developed a professional relationship with the hospital we transport our patients to, Munson Medical Center in Traverse City. With our first-hand knowledge of our township residents, homes, business and roads we can maintain a quicker response time than utilizing outside services as we currently do, without residents having to pay an outside provider the cost of ALS treatment.